From the author’s desk, April 2023

1 April, 2023 in From the author's desk

In answer to the often asked enquiry, I am happy to tell you that ‘Joy and Sorrow Unmasked – a story of Bath’, the third novel in The Westcott Chronicles, is progressing well: the first draft, with over sixty chapters and eighty thousand words, continues apace. Its Prologue describes the possible destruction of Chatham Row in 1972, whilst writing this I was  reminded of the prologue in my first book  and what Bathonians faced just over sixty years ago:


10.50pm Saturday April 25th 1942


Ernst Richter sensed the other nine Luftwaffe planes bank

and turn as he led them between the hills of the Limpley Stoke

valley. Flying in formation two thousand metres above the

meandering River Avon, the squadron of Junkers Ju 88s

followed the silver ribbon sparkling in the moonlight, guiding

them to the centre of Bath – Hitler’s immediate retaliation to

the Royal Air Force bombing Lubeck.

They were the first wave of a hundred and sixty German

bombers from France, loaded with more than three quarters

of a million kilograms of high explosives and incendiaries

destined for the city in the next six hours. The note written

below the two perforated aerial photographs of Bath, torn

from Richter’s target book simply stated: ‘Aim to the south

of the largest crescent shape housing block.’


Back to the future, and the objective of meeting the deadline of next Christmas for ‘Joy and Sorrow Unmasked’.

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‘Breathes life into the historical city of Bath – a must read!’

Andrew Foulkes

“Hard on the heels of ‘Go Swift and Far’ comes this hugely enjoyable sequel and another success for Westcott”

Jack Jenkins

‘Westcott blows away the myth that Bath is the graveyard of ambition.’

Patrick McCloy

“I couldn’t put it down and the story captivated me – I couldn’t wait for the next edition.”

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