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May I welcome you to the website for The Westcott Chronicles, which I began writing over twenty years ago.

My expedition into creative writing commenced, when I nervously booked my first course at The Arvon Foundation in Devon – a starting point I would strongly recommend for any would be writer – read about my route to authorship in their 50th Anniversary Celebration: I owe much to Joanne Harris, one of my tutors there.

From the start I set out to create a story with a strong plot, strong characters and strongest of all, the Bath setting – a celebration of the lives, loves, properties and business in the City. Most importantly, behind every word written in the books are thousands more researched, and where possible verified, to discover hitherto unknown, and untold, fascinating truths about Bath and its citizens. To my delight, this recipe in my first two novels appears to work well, with sales now over 25,000 copies and the strong interest in the future publication of the third book of ‘The Chronicles’.

Check out ‘From the Author’s desk …’ monthly for my thoughts and insights, together with answers to the questions from visitors to Bath often from all over the world.

The Books

An Unfolding Soul

The city of Bath is unique. Much of it built during the reigns of four kings called George over a period of only one hundred years. Its three thousand ornate Georgian buildings form the heart of one of the most complete and beautiful cities in the world. But for how much longer? As the 1960’s unfolded, great social upheaval was matched by potential destruction from developers and change in the city. Perhaps, even more devastating than the bombs of the Luftwaffe twenty years earlier.

Go Swift and Far

Born in the wartime German raids on Bath in the Spring of 1942, an orphan boy, alone and destitute, is determined to survive. The city is immersed in a cycle of greed, abuse of privilege, corruption and demolition as it struggles out of post-war gloom and austerity. Demolish and rebuild or preserve and protect at all costs? The boy, now a man, is bent on success and wealth, whatever the personal sacrifice and cost to England’s finest Georgian city.

"Be you a resident, visitor or tourist, where best to start but with the perfect street map of Bath by James Hillman found in the front of every book. This allows the reader to follow in the footsteps of the characters and their locations throughout the City. What else can you expect from an author, fascinated by maps since childhood, who qualified as a chartered surveyor over sixty years ago."

Douglas Westcott

From the Noticeboard

July 2024 From the author’s desk…

2 July, 2024 in From the author's desk

THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF UNIVERSITY SIXTY YEARS AGO… Ian gently laid his beloved Raleigh bicycle, gear side up, on the gravel to the left of the front doors of Widcombe House,…

June 2024 From the author’s desk…

4 June, 2024 in From the author's desk

From the author’s desk… The late, great queen mother… ‘It now gives me great pleasure to declare this magnificent new classroom annexe, built for the Hope Venture by the boys…


“Hard on the heels of ‘Go Swift and Far’ comes this hugely enjoyable sequel and another success for Westcott”

Jack Jenkins

‘A masterly weaving of ambition and growing conscious both personally and publicly.’

Anna Jacka-Thomas

‘I loved this book. Full of fascinating history, very exciting and I look forward to the sequel.’

Sarah Lewis

‘Breathes life into the historical city of Bath – a must read!’

Andrew Foulkes

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