From the author’s desk, May 2023

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MAY 2023

From the author’s desk …

This morning my thoughts wandered back over 80 years to 1942, as I drove past Rainbow Wood –  a magical woodland situated about one and a half miles south east of Bath on Claverton Down, surrounded by National Trust nurtured walkways.

…This was not an area that Ruth knew, but as the car turned left they passed Rainbow Wood…

 …to those families who were conceived there, it was known as Pudding Club Wood

The car turned into North Road. Halfway down the steep hill, it slowed, and turned through two large stone pillars, on which ‘Lundy House’ was carved in faded lettering, and stopped…

…Ruth gazed out of her bedroom window at the spectacular view of Bath and beyond to Bristol. It was a crystal clear day and the city centre lay peacefully bathed in sunlight hundreds of feet below her. It looked deceptively undamaged by the recent air raids with the abbey dominating the city, completely unscathed. Nearby was the Empire Building, and perched on the hills opposite was the mirrored beauty of the Royal Crescent and Lansdown Crescent, all untouched by the bombs.

Her eye was caught by the bombed and blackened shell of the rugby stand at the Recreation Ground, and the collapsed end of St John’s Church. The mayhem of Kingsmead and New King Street were hidden…

An extract from chapter seven –‘ Go Swift and Far – a Tale of Bath’ The first book of The Westcott Chronicles

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June 2024 From the author’s desk…

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May 2024 From the author’s desk…

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The Coronation, no not last year but the one before in 1953… Ruth had secured two seats in the hospital lounge where Uncle Isaac used to work – she had…


“A compelling story of the ups and downs of a Bath property developer. A great evocation of time and place, providing a fascinating history of beautiful Bath Can’t wait for the next instalment.”

Dr Tim Bamford

“I couldn’t put it down and the story captivated me – I couldn’t wait for the next edition.”

Milton Cations – Melbourne, Australia

“A young man buffeted by world events is left reeling, but survives to build his own empire in Bath. The ancient city has seen it all and has her own cards to play...  Douglas Westcott writes from experience of the chaos of history, business, and wild passions in this gripping trilogy.”

Tom Craigmyle

“Extraordinarily interesting for many different reasons …These books made our stay in Bath an even more exciting experience … As a university lecturer in English Literature I am fascinated with contemporary stories of life in Bath … I could not put the book away. Ian’s life is such a captivating story.”

Ewa Welnic – Bydgoszcz, Poland

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