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The Film makers will soon be returning to Bath…


After an excellent lunch, which Johnson insisted on paying for, Isaac headed away from the Circus, towards the Royal Crescent.

There was a great deal of commotion in the Crescent and he remembered the Chronicle headlines. Alexander Korda’s The Elusive Pimpernel was being filmed there. He halted beside a stack of inappropriate street lamp posts, which had been temporarily removed from the roadside – no effort had been spared to turn the clock back to the eighteenth century. He saw David Niven and Margaret Leighton emerge in splendour from one of the houses into the fierce arc lights of the film company and boarded a horse-drawn carriage.

“Another land of make-believe,” he said aloud as he turned away and walked back to the city through the Botanical Gardens.



An extract from chapter twenty three of – ‘ Go Swift and Far – a Tale of Bath’ The first book of The Westcott Chronicles


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‘Another enthralling chapter in this tale of Bath, during a period of dramatic change and development.’

Roger Palmer

“I couldn’t put it down and the story captivated me – I couldn’t wait for the next edition.”

Milton Cations – Melbourne, Australia

“Westcott burnishes his well won reputation as the  Grand Master of intrigue with this much anticipated sequel to acclaimed Go Swift and Far ; nothing less than brilliant as with the deft hand of an ancient god  he manoeuvres  the fate of the great and  less than good of Bath across the chess board of life. Check mate; but who wins …..”

Patrick McCloy

‘Westcott blows away the myth that Bath is the graveyard of ambition.’

Patrick McCloy

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